Double-sided version with impact supplement
P4-17 - SDQ and impact supplement for the parents of 4-17 year olds
T4-17 - SDQ and impact supplement for the teachers of 4-17 year olds
S11-17 - SDQ and impact supplement for self-completion by 11-17 year olds

The following people have made major contributions to the translation, back-translation or validation: Jom Choomchuay, Supavadee Nuanmanee, Wolfgang Woerner, Suchada Sakornsatian, Somsong Suwanlert, Navarath Suchonviwat, Tika Loureiro.

Anybody who wants to use the Thai SDQ is recommended to contact the Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health at Bureau of Mental Health Technical Development; they will try to help you and are aiming to coordinate all Thai SDQ activities.

Last modified: 26 January 2020