SDQ: Normative School-Age SDQ Data from Britain

SDQs were used in a large national survey of child and adolescent mental health carried out by the Office for National Statistics and funded by the Department of Health. This representative British sample included 10,438 individuals aged between 5 and 15. Complete SDQ information was obtained from 10,298 parents (99% of sample), 8,208 teachers (79% of sample) and 4,228 11-15 year olds (93% of this age band).

The sample are described in more detail in: Meltzer, H., Gatward, R., Goodman, R., and Ford, F. (2000) Mental health of children and adolescents in Great Britain. London: The Stationery Office

Sample means plus standard deviations:
For the sample as a whole
For the sample split by gender
For the sample split by age band (5-10 and 11-15)
For the sample split by gender and age band (5-10 and 11-15)
Frequency distributions:
For the entire sample
For females
For males
For 5-10 year olds, both sexes
For 11-15 year olds, both sexes
For 5-10 year old females
For 5-10 year old males
For 11-15 year old females
For 11-15 year old males

Last modified : 21/02/01